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Faith Based

~~At a very young age, G. Mark Grantz discovered that a strong desire could take you to anywhere you wanted to go. It was the journey that made him the man he is today. The son of a Baptist preacher and growing up in small, rural Oklahoma communities, Mark (age 7) had to learn tough life lessons following the sudden death his father. His wonderful mother, who had no education, worked very hard and long hours as a short order/fry cook to barely make ends meet for her and her son. Mark quickly developed a desire to achieve more and wanted to change their circumstances from poverty. He got his first chance at earning money while in the 6th grade by shining shoes at a local corner shop in Enid Oklahoma. With each new job experience – from ranch work at Blanton Arabians to running go carts for a paraplegic boss at Meadows Creek, Mark was learning that with desire, anything was possible. At the young age of 15, Mark went to work for the McDonald’s corporation quickly moving up the ranks to becoming an assistant manager at 17 years old then progressing to managing and growing several franchises in Colorado and Texas. In the 1980s, using all his knowledge and experience, Mark ventured in the world of entrepreneurship owning several successful restaurants and businesses. Creativity and business adventure continued with the launch of Fruit Products, Inc. and the development and patenting of specialty drink products featured in amusement parks across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Sales, marketing, business consulting and corporate training were just a few of the talents Mark exhibited. During all the years of working, managing and owning businesses, Mark constantly studied the characteristics of successful people and the relationship between personal and business lives. He learned that business success had a direct relation to the employee’s attitudes and state of mind. Then a mentor introduced him to the book Think and Grow Rich® by Napoleon Hill. Mr. Hill’s philosophy of working with the whole person whether it be personal or business perspective reinforced what Mark believed, that the two side must mesh for success. Mark’s lifelong “want to syndrome” – the want to learn, the want to understand people, the want for personal and business success, led him to strive to be a part of spreading and teaching Hill’s philosophy. This led to the establishing of the Foundation for Personal Growth, the development of “Reach your potential…Control your future! Goal Setting Program and a relationship with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Now, Mark’s dreams, desire and future is to motivate and help people realize their future and their dreams … to become the person they want to be.

I am so pleased to announce the relationship we have with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, it is a opportunity that only happens once in a lifetime. Napoleon Hill has helped so many people on their journey to professional success and personal riches. We were able to streamline the process to success.

Let us help you.   

 G. Mark Grantz